Input Icons for Input System: A tool for Unity3D developers.

Input Icons provides a fast and easy way to display input bindings of keyboard/mouse or gamepads in TextMeshPro texts. The tool adapts to the current input device of the user and can update the displayed images at runtime, should the player change the bindings of any input actions.


  • Easily display bindings in
    • Sprite Renderers and UI Images
    • TextMeshPro texts as sprites along with other text
    • TextMeshPro texts as an SDF font
  • Full control over which binding to display by
    selecting the control scheme, composite type (composite, non-composite),
    binding type (Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward), and index of
    available bindings matching the chosen settings. Options are seperate
    for keyboard and gamepad in advanced prompt mode.
  • Automatically updates displayed icons when the user switches devices
  • Local Multiplayer Games are supported (some coding might be required to assign devices, helper methods and examples available)
    • Multiple users on one device
    • Each user with a seperate device
  • Rebind prefabs allow players to rebind and save/load the overrides (single bindings and Up/Down/Left/Right +/Forward/Backward composites)
  • Supports keyboard and gamepad inputs, including Steam Input
  • 1200+ sprites: 5 keyboard and 2 gamepad sprite sets per controller type (XBox, PS3, PS4, PS5 and NSwitchPro) included. Size per sprite: 256x256px

Available on the Unity Asset Store


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